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Over 1 Million Customers Served

1000’s of Items

All The Biggest Nusery Brands

Best Price Guarenteed

Over 1 Million Customers Served

1000’s of Items

All The Biggest Nusery Brands

Best Price Guarenteed

Inglesina Aptica XT Toddler



Features & Benefits

  • Extra large carrycot
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Ventilation control system
  • UPF 50+ hood keeps baby safe from sunlight
  • Welcome Pad™ promotes correct posture
  • Carrycot can be used as a permanent sleep solution with StandUp
  • Superior Car Seat for safety
  • Heigh-Adjustable Head Hugger for perfect comfort
  • Single Car Seat Base can be used with next stage car seat
  • One hand fold and open system
  • Agile and compact at 50 cm wide
  • Reversible Seat
  • Soft padded foot cover
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Horizon Grey
  • Sequoia Green

The Inglesina Aptica XT features the exclusive Adaptive Cruise System, adapting to all terrains. Guarantee maximum well-being for your baby with this agile pram, even in extreme conditions. Built upon the design of the original Inglesina Aptica it has some additional cool features which serve as a game changer, from gorgeous copper detailing to unique innovative technology such as their adjustable suspension via the Adaptive Cruise design. All in all, this pram does it all but a bit better than the predecessor.

Inglesina Aptica XT

Inglesina Aptica XT


Large Wheels

Large wheels make it easy to tackle all terrain and overcome any obstacle. With these sturdy wheels getting over kerbs or going along adventurous walks become a breeze. Coupled with the smaller front wheels for manoeuvrability, you have a true go-anywhere pram design



Tyre Design

The rubber tyres feature a differentiated inner double layer, reducing vibrations and stress to your baby in rough terrain. This innovative piece of unique technology is fantastic for parents who like those long walks in the parks, ensuring a pleasant journey for you. Also useful for parents in the city due to all the up and down pavements they do


Inglesina Aptica XT
Inglesina Aptica XT


Adjustable Suspension

Built with a patented independent suspension adjustment system on each wheel ensures optimal comfort for your baby. This clever piece of technology features 4 unique total settings for your pram. Adjust the back wheel suspension to grow with your baby’s age, ensuring there isn’t too much or too little. The front can also be changed depending upon the terrain you are on, whether it be smooth pavements or the rocky outdoors. In short, this pram is perfect for any push setting



Extra Large Carrycot

The pram is more than just a way to transport your baby. It is a place they will spend many hours of their first delicate months, that’s why deserve extra room. The crib size dimensions promote a positive sleep environment, giving your baby lots of arm and leg room so that they don’t get cramped or feel claustrophobic


Inglesina Aptica XT
Inglesina Aptica XT


Patented Mattress Technology

When baby is born they are extremely fragile, help them feel at ease, protected and snug with the Welcome Pad™. This innovative piece of technology is a game changer as it provides your baby with the perfect sleep environment, completely matching their needs and promoting a positive sleeping position for their spine and neck



Continuous Sleep

The carrycot and car seat can be connected to the Stand Up for continuous sleep. As the carrycot has crib dimensions it is encouraged to be used as a permanent sleep solution for baby. When used with this unit you raise baby from the ground. Connecting the car seat serves as a pseudo high char, great for long drives and rests at motorway stop-offs


Inglesina Aptica XT
Inglesina Aptica XT


Travel Safely

For every car ride, even the shortest ones, always secure your baby in the car seat. This car seat is super comfortable and safe, ensuring the best of both worlds for your newborn baby. As an i-Size car seat your baby is in the safest car seat laws, providing exceptional security



Ready for Long Walks

With the Aptica XT stroller, walks and adventures have never been easier. Due to the ergonomic design, your baby will be in the most comfortable position, whether it be seated upright of laying down and sleeping. Built with a myriad of other useful features this seat unit is truly built to impress, doing everything you need and more


Inglesina Aptica XT
Inglesina Aptica XT


One Hand Open and Fold Chassis

Opening and folding with just one hand. When closed, the handlebar is very hygienic as it does not touch the floor. This is especially useful in a post-Covid world, as public hygiene becomes increasingly more important. When folded with the seat units still attached, this feature is still maintained with the fabric never touching the floor and staying in pristine condition



Spacious Storage basket

The very large basket lets you load everything inside. With an integrated pocket to store smaller items. A reflective material profile makes evening strolls safe. The deep covers of the shopping basked ensure that what is places inside stays inside. This can easily be removed for cleaning should it get too dirty or muddy by undoing poppers


Inglesina Aptica XT
Inglesina Aptica XT


Adapts to Height of Parents

The telescopic mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the handlebar in four unique positions. This adjustable handlebar design is perfect for parents with a big gap in their heights, as average sized parents are kept close to the pram whilst taller people are given extra room to account for their longer stride. This is comfortable adjusted by pressing on the 2 copper buttons found on the inside of the handlebar



A Single Base

The Darwin i-Size Base allows an easy upgrade to the Toddler i-Size Car Seat which fits the same base. This is means you don’t need to buy another base once your baby outgrows the infant car seat, instead it can continue to be used up to 105 cm, approx. 4 years


Inglesina Darwin Base
Inglesina Darwin Toddler


Travel Safely in Comfort

Maximum safety guaranteed for you child while travelling by car. This car seat can face in both directions and is suitable from birth to 105 cm, approx. 4 years of age. We suggest keeping your baby in a rearward facing position for as long as possible as it is significantly safer for baby. Though as they grow and run out of leg room you can put the car seat in a forward facing position




The Aptica is the standard edition version. Discover this range if you are after something a little better for the city strolling with it’s smaller chassis design, ultra narrow at only 50 cm wide


Inglesina Aptica

Charcoal Grey, Horizon Grey, Sequoia Green


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