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Over 1 Million Customers Served

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Over 1 Million Customers Served

1000’s of Items

All The Biggest Nusery Brands

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Mima Xari 9 Piece Bundle – Mima Car Seat – London Black



Features & Benefits

  • Three reclining angle
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Highly resistant removable wheels
  • Folding latch to secure chassis
  • Leatherette finish for easy wipe cleaning
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable for baby
  • Very good safety credentials
  • Magnetic clasp to hold harness
  • Wipe clean leatherette finish
  • Fashionable
  • Designed for the Mima
  • Plenty of space for storage
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The Mima Xari is an ultra-modern looking pram that has not sacrificed any functional ability for its looks. Taking the market by storm with a bespoke design choice. What’s fantastic about the Mima Xari is that it functions as a pramette, meaning the carrycot converts into a seat unit once it has been outgrown. This is brilliant for parents who have limited storage capacity as the carrycot doesn’t need to be stored in a cupboard after use.

Mima Xari

Mima Xari


The London Look

Influenced by the iconic London skyline, get the special edition. Beautifully dark black are matched with a stylish grey to create the high end London style. All matched with a stunning and unique Graphite chassis, this pram is sure to draw all the attention wherever you and baby go to



Design Your Pram

The Mima Xari is fully customisable, pick every element of your pram. The first pram which is completely bespoke, offering you the option to design every aspect, from chassis colour to leatherette and the interior fabric. This unique combination can let you have the pram exactly as you’ve always wanted it with no exceptions


Mima Xari
Mima Xari


Convertible Units

With a 2-in-1 unit, you don’t need to worry about storage space. The carrycot is hidden inside the seat unit, simply remove the leatherette exterior and it’s ready to be used. Once your baby is in the seat unit from about 6 months, the carrycot goes back inside and is hidden away without any additional storage required



Dual Shopping Basket

Additional storage space is available to store away baby’s essentials. Deceptively large, the rear basket can be opened up to store all of your shopping after a long day out. You also have the option to compartmentalise your necessities and keep everything easy to access when in need


Mima Xari
Mima Xari


Highly Resistant

Removable rubber wheels require no pump up. These can be taken off for easy cleaning or after a day out in the muddy park, so when the pram is folded into the boot of your car the dirt is contained. Features a push down brake release so you don’t need to ruin your shoes when activating



Adjustable Handlebar

Rotate to match the height of the user, a smooth leatherette trim is added for a luxurious feel during your push. This ca be interchanged for other colours if you want to change up the look or removed if you prefer a smooth foam feel instead


Mima Xari
Mima Xari


Easy to Fold

Once folded the chassis can stand freely. To fold the chassis simply press the 2 side buttons, raise the latch and drop the chassis to collapse. You can optionally rotate the handlebar inwards to make it even more compact and enable the free stand mode



Travel System

Attaches to the Mima Xari for quick journeys, a must have for on the go parents. Moving from car seat to carrycot or seat unit can be incredibly disruptive for your baby, so connecting straight onto the chassis can cause them to be a lot happier for those short journeys in and out of the car


Mima Car Seat
Mima Car Seat


Safe Installation

With a 5-point harness, your baby is safe and secure, this is a big step up, as the standard car seat harness only has 3 anchor points. Blue guidelines are ideal for connecting with a seat belt in the dark. These safety features guarantee your baby is extremely secure whilst travelling in the car



Magnetic Clasps

Hold the harness in position as you place baby in the unit, brilliant for parents who are on the go and need quick and easy access to their baby. No longer do you need to worry about getting baby tangled up in the harness as you take them in or out of the car seat


Mima Car Seat
Mima Car Seat


Extra Long Hood

Keep baby’s eyes protected from the sunlight with this long hood, this keeps your baby protected from harmful sun rays especially when the sun is low in the sky. With set positions you can angle this however you like



Winter Outfit Kit

A cosy place for your fingers. Attached with poppers this can come on and off extremely easily. Super soft interior fluff keeps your hands nice and warm, so if your baby needs attention you can reach them immediately without having to take off gloves. This set not only keep baby warm and cosy but also the parent. Keep your little one snug and safe from cold winds. This can be installed in place of the fur trim hood for those really cold and windy days, ensuring your baby’s environment stays nice and warm. The see through material lets you keep an eye on them at all times and is easily attach with the zipper


London Black 9 Piece Bundle
Mima Xari


Mima Xari

To see where it all began and opt in for additional customisable options, the original Mima Xari has all and more



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