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Over 1 Million Customers Served

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Over 1 Million Customers Served

1000’s of Items

All The Biggest Nusery Brands

Best Price Guarenteed

Pushchair Guide Part 2

Now that you know all the baby mumbo-jumbo let’s start applying it! The first question you should find yourself asking is ‘What do I want my pram to do?’ Do you live in the countryside and plan on doing a lot of walks through parks, with old beaten paths? Are you a city person, always on public transport, with a flight of stairs to climb before reaching your apartment? Or are you living in a large town where both walks of life might apply to you?

Once you’ve got this figured out you can start working out what type of pram you want. Generally there are 2 styles of prams to choose from – classic and modern. It is very easy to tell these 2 apart.

Let’s start with the classic. These typically have only fixed wheels, lots of suspension and a large chassis. These are usually designed with a focus on how comfortable your baby is going to be using it. The fixed wheels ensure no fast turns, providing a smooth ride for your baby. This is complimented by the large amount of suspension, or ‘bounciness’ of your pram. The more suspension, the less your baby will feel uneven-ess in the ground – providing a more comfortable journey for them. A large chassis allows for larger carrycots & seat units to be used.

The opposite of this is the modern style – with swivel wheels, a smaller fold & being lightweight. Swivel wheels are a big convenience when moving around in tight places, Lakeside Shopping Centre is a prime example of this! With a small fold it will be easier moving your pram around whilst not in use, for example if you have a small boot like a Fiat 500. Finally, they tend to be quite a bit lighter than the classic style. If you’re a more petite parent or haven’t been to the gym in a while lifting up one of these small prams will be a piece of cake compared to the more robust classic style.

Of course there are chassis’ that cover the middle ground. They’re not so large and not so small. They do everything well, but don’t excel in any area particularly. The below table showcases these different chassis’ for the Emmaljunga range. It’s easy to see this change, as the wheels get smaller, from classic to modern. Remember, there’s no right answer here! We all come from different lifestyles and there is no perfect pram, you just want the perfect one for you.




The next thing for us to consider is whether to get a travel system with an included car seat or one without. There are pros and cons to both. All car seats sold in the UK are met to the highest of standards. So your baby will be safe in any car seat. The benefit to a travel system, with an included car seat, is that you have it matching the rest of your pram. You also don’fft need to spend hours researching over car seats, as you may have already done to find your pram. Not everyone has the available time.

However, a car seat produced by a specialist company will normally perform better in crash simulations. They are also compatible with most pushchairs, so if you do change your pushchair, you can continue to use the same car seat. However, you need to put in a lot of work and research to find the car seat that is best for you and is compatible with your pram.

Case Study

To help explain this selection process, we have created 2 case studies. Both of these are of real customers and the steps they took before making their purchase.

Josh’s Purchase | Emmaljunga Nxt 90 F – Outdoor Black

Case Study 1 – Josh

Josh lives in Chelmsford, on an unadopted road, and​​​ is having his second child. He drives a large estate car, but his wife has a hatchback. They take long walks with their dogs in the parks. He had a previous car seat and did not like using his pram as a travel system.

They had used a Bugaboo Cameleon with their first baby, but decided they wanted something a bit more robust. To compliment their active lifestyle. Having visited Norway, during summer, he saw a design he liked and photographed it. Researching this pram further, the Emmaljunga NXT 90, he found that it ticked a lot of boxes. Designed for the Scandinavian market, where people are taller, the seat unit and carrycot had big dimensions. The folding mechanism allowed for it to tuck away nicely in the hatchback. Finally, it’s robust design and suspension made it ideal for the country walks. He liked the ‘Outdoor Black’ colour because the dirt from walks would not be visible. Further, the off-road wheels would be able to tackle any terrain.

Upon visiting store we were able to show the full Emmaljunga range. We suggested the Super Viking, as it was a slightly bulkier than the NXT 90 and would fare better in fields. Testing in his car, we found the folded dimensions were a bit too large. He liked the NXT 60, but after testing it, found it to have too small wheels and that it would not be well suited to his active lifestyle. We then recommended the NXT 90 F, a variant of the NXT 90. Instead of an ergonomic seat unit, it was a lie flat seat unit, which is also slightly larger. As it uses the same chassis it would fit in the car the same. Knowing the full benefits of a carrycot, also wanted the matching carrycot.

Happy with the advice provided, Josh placed an order for the Emmaljunga NXT 90 F – Outdoor Black.

Judy’s Purchase | Mima Xari – Black Chassis, Snow White Seat Pod, Black Flair Starter Pack And Kiddy Evoluna I-size – Onyx Black

Case Study 2 – Judy

Judy has a house in Maidstone. She’s a first time parent and has a bit extra cash to splash out. She drives a compact SUV and is fashion driven, always after the latest trends. Her friends have recommended her to get a travel system, but she’s not really sure what they are.

She stumbled upon our store whilst shopping at intu Lakeside. Immediately liking the style and variety she said ‘this is where I’m getting my pram from!’ Originally she liked the egg – Jurassic Black – that we had on display in the window. It was a familiar brand, as her friends had the same style. Impressed by the folding mechanism and ease of use she loved the pram, until a returning customer came in store, to show off their baby and egg. She then explained to us that the pram was beautiful and practical, but she wanted something a bit more exclusive and not to copy the same as her friends. Next we showcased the Mima Xari.

It was love at second sight, thrilled by the bespoke product (with 105 different colour combinations) she was settled. We demonstrated the hidden carrycot and twin shopping baskets. The leatherette exterior meant cleaning was performed with a slightly damp cloth or baby wipe, which she would have plenty of. As her partner was over 6 foot, the ability for a raised seat pod was very practical.

Thrilled with her choice of a Mima Xari, next on her list was a car seat. As she explained to us that she drove a lot, we suggested the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size. It was a car seat that could lie flat, allowing for baby to be inside for longer than 2 hours. Compatible with the Mima Xari, she could use it as a travel system. Finally, the included ISOFIX base meant she could install the car seat easily. Green mechanical lights would tell her if it was all done correctly and she would not have to faff with a seat belt.

Excited with her options, Judy placed an order for the Mima Xari – Black chassis, Snow White seat pod, Black Flair starter pack and Kiddy Evoluna i-Size – Onyx Black.

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