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Over 1 Million Customers Served

1000’s of Items

All The Biggest Nusery Brands

Best Price Guarenteed

Over 1 Million Customers Served

1000’s of Items

All The Biggest Nusery Brands

Best Price Guarenteed

The TFK Mono Sport Stroller



Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for ages 6 to 72 Months
  • Patended Combi Unit
  • Two different tyres to choose from
  • Large canopy with ventilation options and UV protection
  • Dirt and water repellent fabrics with UV protection 50+
  • Rear disc brakes
  • flexible storage spaces
  • height adjustable push handle
  • Safety tested
  • Running and parking brake
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Gel
  • Air Pumped
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Navy
  • Olive
  • Premium Grey
  • Premium Anthracite
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The TFK Mono Sport Stroller has an ergonomic XXL sports seat with breathable material that offers maximum comfort even on longer journeys. With the adjustable backrest and the footrest that can be set up, the result is a large reclining surface. The canopy is expandable and deals optimal protection even when the sun is low in the sky. In addition, TFK also integrated a weather protection in the canopy. The TFK Mono Sport Stroller is tested and approved for sporty use.

The TFK Mono Sport Stroller

TFK Mono Combi Push Chair


Patented Combi Unit with Fold-Out Footrest

The TFK Mono Sport Stroller with pioneering combi unit (carrycot & seat) is suitable from birth till 36 months. The combi stroller from tfk that accompanies your child, will safely protect, and ensure comfortability into life from the very beginning. The combi-unit transforms from a carrycot with comfort mattress, one of the largest on the market, to a comfortable seat. With versatile features like the adjustable backrest or the insertable footboard, your child will be guaranteed for a comfortable ride



Difference Between Air Chamber and Air Wheels

The air chamber wheels do not get punctures, as they are gel/foam filled. This means these tyres do not require maintenance and you do not need to constantly check the tyres pressure before going on your journey. As the air chamber wheels are filled with gel/foam, that means these wheels weigh slightly more than the air wheels. Since the air chamber wheels are a ‘solid’ wheel, there is a less smooth ride compared to the air wheels. The air wheels are prone to punctures, as they are filled with air like normal bike wheels. This means these tyres require thoughtful maintenance and you need to constantly check the tyre pressure, before starting out on your journey. Since the air wheels are filled with air, they weigh less compared to the air chamber wheels. In addition, air-filled tyres can bounce gently over bumps on pavements and other paths, so your baby is more comfortable


TFK Mono Combi Push Chair
TFK Mono Combi Push Chair


Large Canopy with Ventilation Options and UV Protection

On the back of the patented combi unit, there is a mesh window that can be opened on the hood that favours the circulation of air inside the cot/seat. This is beneficial during baby’s sleep, as it ensures they are kept well ventilated during night-time



Dirt and Water Repellent Fabrics with UV Protection 50+

The fabrics on the combi unit are washable and they are dirt and water repellent. The canopy has 50+ UV protection, which will protect your baby’s delicate skin


TFK Mono Combi Push Chair
TFK Mono Combi Push Chair


Rear Disc Brakes

A disc brake is a type of brake that uses the callipers to squeeze pairs of pads against a disc to create friction. This action slows the rotation of a shaft, such as a vehicle axle, either to reduce its rotational speed or to hold it stationary. This will ensure parents know that their baby’s pushchair can hold its position, even on a steep hill



Flexible Storage Spaces

The TFK Mono Sport Stroller has two storage spaces – one on the back of the back rest and the storage backet. You can place a variety of items inside the storage basket. For example, a small shop from the supermarket, your baby’s jackets/coats, and baby care essentials


TFK Mono Combi Push Chair
TFK Mono Combi Push Chair


Height Adjustable Push Handle

The ergonomic height adjustable leather push handlebar is adjusted by rotating up or down, depending how tall of the parents. This way creates a significant advantage mainly in the lower-height settings: helping the centre of gravity thus the stroller’s manoeuvrability on pavements and other paths. A disadvantage might be the fact that two joints = two weaker points, and with big loads or pressure on the handle, there’s a slight possibility of a joint getting damaged. Another downside of a rotating adjustment mechanism is that it can be uncomfortable for tall dads – since it doesn’t stretch further from the stroller. In fact, in the higher positions, it even goes closer to the base. A tall person could easily start kicking the back of the chassis if not watching out



Safety Tested

The seal of tested safety (GS mark) certifies that a ready-to-use product meets the requirements of 21 of the German Product Safety Act. The TFK Mono Sport Stroller complies with the EN 1888 – this is a legal requirement for manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and distributors of these products. The standard covers a variety of risks and hazards including chemical, thermal, mechanical, suffocation, entanglement, and choking and ingestion. It also includes tests for the durability of the stroller with the use of a rolling road. The TFK Mono Sport Stroller also complies with the EU Toy Safety Directive Testing (EN 71), which is a set of general provisions of the EU Toy Safety Directive that define what constitutes a toy, outline technical documentation requirements, establish production control and more. Chemical requirements of the EU Toy Safety Directive, which include restrictions on toxic elements, certain fragrances and use of CMR chemicals, were effective July 20, 2013


TFK Mono Combi Push Chair
TFK Mono Combi Push Chair


Running and Parking Brake

This will allow you to operate the rear disc brakes even while you are running/jogging with your baby. This will give parents piece of mind when they can apply an emergency brake when encountering danger



Adjustable Backrest

An adjustable back rest enables a seat to be upright for viewing and then adjusted to a reclined position for a new-born or for a sleeping toddler


TFK Mono Combi Push Chair

Gel, Air Pumped


Black, Grey, Navy, Olive, Premium Grey, Premium Anthracite


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